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This site is dedicated to all members of the Bacciarelli / Ferrario / Gardella / Dell 'Orr / Rogers / Howard clan and contains a collection of information on the ancestors and descendants of various branches of the Anglo-Italian Bacciarelli family including the Bathurst, Dunn, Knight, Pugh and many others (see Surname List).

Our Bacciarelli family tree began with personal records and photographs of great grandfather Giovanni Battista Bacciarelli, his second wife Leah Dunn and some verbal history about his parents Antonio Bacciarelli and his wife Marvoriglia Dell'Ora or Mavora Delora as was incorrectly written in a document! Since then the tree has grown considerably with many branches from both sides of my family.

Relatives with a computer and internet connection are welcome to Apply for access to the verified family members only area, where you can view the ancestral family tree. (Note: the family tree is currently offline)

The public section contains a surname list, some general information, links to useful sites and Gedfiles from possible relations who have Bacciarelli's in their family tree.

During my research, I have encountered several instances of the Bacciarelli name with various spellings (Baccarella, Bicorelli etc) which have been included here where possible for convenience. It has yet to be determined wether these individuals are relations, but the surname is uncommon plus family references, combined with existing research and documentation, indicate that some if not all of the Bacciarelli's in the UK are distant relations. I have been collecting these for a one name study and would love to establish the connections and welcome information from anyone who shares the Bacciarelli name, related or not as well as family members who have lost touch and from extended family members researching their tree! Please contact me!

The links section contains useful genealogical online resources. Relevant site owners are welcome to submit a website for review. Only useful genealogical resources or surname related websites please.

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***Latest News & Tree Updates ***

06/05/2019 Publicans and Licensed Victuallers is the first page of a new section of pages that I will be creating to list people working in various Occupations.

04/01/2018 Surname List Updated and Ancestry DNA test taken! Anyone who has also taken the test and think they may have Cousin / Surname matches may contact me directly using the contact form or via Ancestry. I have also uploaded the Raw file to Gedmatch, MyHeritage and aim to do the same at FamilyTreeDNA if they ever fix their system!! Check out the results in the new DNA Results page!

27/04/2015 Clements, Hart, Howard, Newman, Sheppard inroads with connection to Alfred Hart who served as a Gunner, in the 7th Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery Regiment and added FindAGrave Cemetery search.

6/10/2014 Lots of interesting research into the Scottish and other branches of the tree which will be added to the site when time permits. Also changed banner rotator on pages to prevent them jumping!

4/9/2014 Peffers, Ritchie, Millar and Knox : researching these surnames of the Scottish branch of our family.

10/11/2013 Genealogy Gifts added Canadian store to the section.

4/11/2013 Genealogy Gifts Added German, French and American Gifts to Genealogy Gifts section.

23/10/13 Bacciarelli Website & Family Tree The site has been cleaned, moved to a new faster server and pages have been updated to xhtml compliant so should load quickly and be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. The members area and family tree are currently unavailable due to script compatibility issues - they will be restored as soon as possible.

31/01/11 Peffers The Scottish link has now been established and I have information on James Peffers b 1831 Edinburgh, Scotland who married Mary Ann (Margaret?) Champion along with parents and his siblings. This is especially rewarding as he was not on the census returns with his wife and no one else has managed to find it!

18/04/10 Interesting Info According to various sources, including https://angloitaliangenresearch.blogspot.com/ if your Grandfather or Great grandfather did not become British and did not serve with the British army, then you and your family are entitled to Italian nationality. Our Great Grandfather Giovanni Battista Bacciarelli remained an un-naturalised Italian right up to his death, although his sons were born here and served in the British Army. Not sure if that entitles our family to Italian Nationality ... but think it is worth further research!

14/11/09 Edward and Ann Dunn nee Morgan In roads are being made into the Dunn family of Cwm Crave Farm, Birtley, Lingen, Herefordshire and their offspring thanks to Ruth Beaton and Woolhope Club!

Puzzle Jug by Isaac Trott 03/11/09 Trotts at Donyatt Thanks to Hilary, Dianne and Peter we now have information on the Trott branch going back to Thomas Trott (b 1763 Donyatt) a potter who married Catherine Brown in 1787. They had 3 sons Thomas, Isaac and Joseph Trott. The latter sons were both potters producing slipware and puzzle jugs in Donyatt which are now very sought after by collectors! Donyatt Puzzle Jug dated 1824 on sale at Bonhams Auction House.



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