Antonio Bacciarelli


Map of Gera and Lake Como Antonio Bacciarelli (c 1835 - 1875), lived in Gera Lario, Lake Como, Italy with his wife Mavoriglia Dell'Oro (known as Mavora, Mauora or Maria Delora, Dell'Ora, Dall'Ora, Dell'Orr or Dall'Orr). They had at least four known children, Maria, Angela Adele, Guiseppe (Giaseppe) and Giovanni Battista Bacciarelli, all born in Gera. There were possibly three other sons named Antonio, Girolamo (Guillermo) and Guerino.

Recent research of the parish records show that Antonio had a sister Maria (1825 - 1891) who married Pietro Dorella. Their parents were Girolamo (Gerolamo) and Maria Bacciarelli nee Ferrario.

Antonio was aged 40 when his son Giovanni Battista Bacciarelli was born in 1866 in Gera. His wife Mavora parents were Carl Antonio Delphi Dall'Orr and Maria Orsola Pedrazzini. The lady who translated Giovanni's birth document advised that 'Delphi' is normally used as a surname so it is likely that this may have been her fathers mothers surname.

On Giovanni Bacciarelli's first marriage certificate his fathers occupation is listed as 'Farmer (deceased)' whilst on his second marriage in 1900, it is listed as 'fishmonger' and the 'deceased' amendment has disappeared, however it has now been established via other documentation that he was a Fisherman who died in 1876, Gera.

Gera Lario is a beautiful small village which stretches back up a hill from the banks of Lake Como. The original harbour which was used by fisherman has been revamped into a Marina and the village is popular with wealthy people who have bought homes there and with tourists.

During my research I discovered a listing for Antonio Alfonso Gaetano Bacciarelli, married to Maria Elisabetta Della Valle, who may be related, but this has not yet been established.

Little information is known about Antonio, who may have moved to Gera Lario from another commune in Italy and it is believed that he never came to England. Subsequent visits to Lake Como by family members, discovered that no living Italian relatives currently reside in the area. According to a local hotel owner, who kindly acted as an interpreter all the children and remaining relatives had died, moved or emigrated to England. Subsequent research shows that whilst this may be true, there are still many Bacciarelli's located in Italy, which can be seen on this Map of Bacciarelli's in Italy, although it is not currently known wether any of these families are related.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has information or pictures of Antonio and his family, please contact me with details.



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