Surname List


The following list includes a few surnames of witnesses to events as well as direct and extended family members. It is not updated as regularly as the family tree so may not reflect all names! Green coloured names are 'clickable' links which provide further information on a family or individual.

A. Alborghetti, Ashby, Axham, Axtell,

B. Bacciarelli, Bachelor, Bailey, Baker, Bamford, Banks, Barker, Barnes, Barrow, Bartlett, Bathurst, Baxter, Beale, Beck, Beddoes, Bedford, Bell, Berrill, Bird, Blacker, Blackman, Blackwell, Blanchard, Blockeley, Bodill, Bond, Boniface, Boritton, Bowen, Bradshaw, Brawn, Bridge, Brooker, Brown, Buckman, Burrow, Burton, Butcher, Butterfield

C. Calner, Caple, Cappell, Carter, Cartwright, Chalk, Champion, Chandler, Chapman, Charlecroft, Cheal, Cherry, Cherryman, Childs, Chipchase, Church, Clarke, Cleaton, Clements, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Cook, Coom, Coombes, Cooper, Cowper, Cox, Craft, Crane, Cross, Crumpter, Curran

D. Dadd, Darby, Davies, Davis, Dawkes, Dawson, Day, de Pianto, Deakins, Dell'Oca, Delora, Dellora, Dell'Oro, Dall'Ora, Dell'Orr, DeSilva, Devoti, Dewdney, Dishley, Dival, Dixon, Dod, Dodd, Donkley, Dorella, Dowlen, Downe, Downer, Downes, Downing, Downs, Drinkwater, Dudhill, Dudney, Dun, Dunn, Dunne, Dunton, Dyer

E. Eales, Eckett, Eden, Edwards, Eirera, Elkington, Elliott, Ellis, Elphick, Evans, Eyre

F. Faccini, Fairchild, Fathers, Fears, Ferrario, Fiest, Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh, Flint, Forester, Fowler, Foyce, Frampton, Freeman, French, Frier, Frost

G. Gallantree, Galloni, Gamage, Gammage, Gardellor, Gardella, Gardelli, Gardello, Garner, Garrett, Gaston, Gayther, Gearing, Ghislanzoni, Gianicoli, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilmore, Gianicoli, Gittins, Goacher, Goodger, goodman, Gosling, Gowen,Graimes, Gray, Green, Grevatt, Griffiths, Groves

H. Haddon, Haffenden, Hall, Hames, Hancox, Hands, Hanley, Hannell, Harding, Hards, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harsden, Hart, Hartop, Hawkins, Haycock, Hayes, Hays, Hazlehurst, Hebborn, Hedge, Hemsley, Henderson, Hensman, Herbert, Heynes, Hillman, Hillyard, Hinds, Hinxman, Hoad, Hoadley, Hobden, Hoggins, Holden, Hole, Holkham, Holloway, Hollowell, Hopgood, Hopkins, Horsham, Howard, Howell, Howes, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes, Hubert, Humphrey, Humphries, Hyde, Hyler

I. Illman, Ingram, Instone, Ives

J. James, Jarrold, Jeal, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jenkinson, Jenner, Jennings, Jervis, Johnson, Johnstone, Joice, Jones, Judkins, Jupp

K. Keen, Kemp, Kidgell, Kimmins, King, Kirk Knight

L. Laker, Lamberti, Lane, Langford, Law, Lawley, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Leach, Lee, Leliot, Leliott, Lelliatt, Lelliot, Lelliotte, Lelloe, Lellyett, Lenton, Lewis, Lickfield, Liliot, Lilliot, Lilliott, Lilliotte, Lillyot, Lines, Little, Llelloe, Lloyd, Lokes, Lokier, Long, Loomes, Lovell, Lowe, Lucas, Ludlow, Lund, Lupton, Lymer

M. Magraw, Malloni, Maltby, Manning, Mansbridge, Mansell, Marcy, Marner, Marten, Martin, Mason, Masters, Mastaglio, Matthews, May, McMahon, McGregor, McKee, Mears, Meredith, Miah, Miles, Miller, Mills, Milnes, Mitchell, Mobsby, Mockford, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Moses, Moxon, Mullard, Munn, Murray, Mussell, Muzzall, Muzzell

N. Nash, Neil, Newman, Newton, North, Norton, Nye

O. O'Neill, Oliver, Oreggia, Osborne, Overton, Owen, Owens, Ozzever

P. Page, Panter, Parker, Parkhouse, Parkman, Parrot, Parsons, Passey, Patrick, Patshall, Paul, Payne, Peach, Peacock, Pearson, Peck, Pedrazzini, Peffers, Pell, Pelling, Penn, Perkins, Perry, Pescod, Pettit, Peverelli, Phillimore, Phillips, Philpot, Pilbeam, Pinfold, Pitman, Plastow, Pointer, Pomeroy, Porte, Potter, Powell, Power, Poxon, Preece, Preston, Price, Prince, Pugh, Purton, Purvey, Pusey

R. Raby, Rae, Ragless, Rainbow, Ralf, Randall, Rapley, Ray, Rea, Read, Realf, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhodes, Richardson, Riches, Riddles, Ridge, Ridley, Rivers, Roberson, Roberts, Robins, Robinson, Rodes, Roger, Rogers, Rooney, Ross, Rowe, Russell

S. Sargent, Saunders, Savins, Sayers, Scarborough, Scherra, Seller, Sergeant, Sharp, Sherwood, Shoulder, Shoulders, Sibon, Silk, Silverson, Sim, Simmonds, Simms, Skelding, Slatter, Small, Smart, Smith, Snashall, Snippets, Sparkes, Sparrow, Spaul, Speed, Spencer, Spong, Squire, Stacy, Standing, Stanford, Stangeman, Starley, Steadman, Stedman, Stenning, Stillaway, Stilve, Stimpson, Stofer, Stokes, Streatfield, Streeter, Stringer, Strong, Sturman, Supplies, Sutton, Swingler

T. Tafft, Tansey, Tapp, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thorburn, Thorpe, Tidey, Tomes, Tooke, Tookey, Tooze, Torroni, Tortoreillo, Towers, Towner, Towns, Townsend, Travers, Travis, Trott, Trow, Troy, Truman, Trusler, Tullett, Turner, Tutty

V. Vale, Valle, Viard, Vinall, Vincent, Vine, Voice

W. Wadden, Walker, Wallace, Walls,m Walters, Ward, Washer, Wass, Watkins, Watley, Watson, Watts, Weaver, Webb, Welch, West, Wetton, White, Whiting, Whitman, Whitney, Wilcox, Wildblood, Wilding, Wilds, Wilkey, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willie, Windless, Wingfield, Wintle, Witt, Wood, Woodgate, Woodhall, Wooding, Woolgar, Wright, Wyatt


Y. Yale, Yates, Yuill




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