Surname List


The following list includes a few surnames of witnesses to events as well as direct and extended family members. Latest update 4 Jan 2018.

Names highlighted in Bold are in my direct line. Names highlighted in Bold Italic are in my direct line but are associated with a name change, or illegitimate birth or other query that has not been completely resolved. Some names have a myriad of alternate spelling variations in documentation like the Lelliot/Lillottes or Osmer/Hosmer/Ozzivers that I have tried to include below but may have missed a few so please go by the name rather than the way it has been written. Note that any Mac / Mc surnames can be spelled either way and may have a space in between i.e., Mac Innes / McInnes.

Green coloured names are 'clickable' links which provide further information on a family or individual.

A) Abrahams, Adam/s, Adderley, Adnitt, Ainger, Aitken, Alborghetti, Alcock, Alden, Aldis, Aldous, Alexander, Alfrey/Allfrey, Alington, Allott, Allen, Ambrose, Amey, Anderson, Andrews, Appleton, Archer, Arnold, Armstrong, Ashby, Ashlin, Asquith, Astephen, Atkins, Auckland, Aucock, Axham, Axtell, Ayling, Ayres

B) Bacciarelli / Baccerelli / Bacarelli / Baccianelli / Bachiorelli, Baciarelli, Bauiarelli, Bachelor, Bailey, Baker, Balden, Baldwin, Ballah, Balsonal, Bamford / Bumford, Banfield, Banks, Bannard, Banting / Bunting, Barker, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barnfield, Barrett, Barrow, Barrs, Barry, Bartlett, Bartrume, Batcheldor, Bateman, Bates, Bathurst / Batthus, Battison, Baxter / Bagster, Bayford, Bayley, Beale, Beardsley, Beaton, Beaumont, Beck, Beddoes, Beddow, Bedford, Beeching, Belcher, Bell, Bellingham, Bennett, Benneyworth, Bergman, Bernard, Berrill, Berry, Berti, Berwick, Besbeech, Betta, Bevan, Bex, Billing, Binnham, Bird, Bishop, Blabber, Blacker, Blackman, Blackshield, Blackshield Day, Blackwell, Blaker, Blanchard, Blann, Blencoe, Bliss, Blockeley, Blount, Blunden, Blyth, Bodill, Bond, Boneus, Bonen, Bonens, Bonus, Boniface / Bonniface, Booker, Boorer, Boote, Boothby, Botting, Bound, Boundy, Bowden, Bowditch, Bowen, Bowes, Bowler, Bowman, Boyne, Brace, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brady, Braid, Braithwaite, Brance / Branch / Brinch, Brawn, Brett, Brewser, Bridge, Brooker, Broun / Brown / Browne, Briant / Brion / Bryant, Britridge / Butridge, Brockhurst, Bromley, Brook, Brooker, Brooks, Broom, Broomfield, Broomham, Broomhead, Brotherston, Browning, Bruce / Bunce, Buckingham, Buckley, Buckman, Buckwill, Buntain / Bunting, Burchell, Burditt, Burgess, Burrell, Burous / Burrow/s, Burtenshaw, Burton, Bury, Bush, Butcher, Butler, Butlin, Butterfield, Butterfull, Butti, Byfield, Bywater

C) Cadwallader, Caeser / Cossar, Cairns, Callanghan / Callahan, Cambell / Campbell, Camoccio, Canham, Cannen, Cantieri / Castioni, Caple / Cappell, Caporn, Carber / Carter, Cardoo, Carman, Caroi / Coroi, Carrick, Carter, Cartwright, Carvey, Cash, Cave, Cavey, Cawte, Chalk, Chambers, Champion, Chandler, Chaplin, Chapman, Charbeneau, Charlecroft, Charman, Chart, Chate, Chatfield, Cheal/e, Checketts, Cherriman/Cherryman, Chester, Child/s, Chipchase, Chivers, Chown Church, Churcher, Churchill, Clark / Clarke, Clarkson, Cleaton, Clee, Cleeton, Clements, Clisshold, Close, Clowes, Cobby, Cock, Cockburne, Cockerill, Codera, Coffey, Coke, Cole, Colebrook, Coleman, Coles, Coley, Collier, Collins, Combes, Comper, Conin, Conquest, Cook/e, Cool, Coom, Coombes, Cooper / Copper, Cornish, Coroi, Costello, Cotton, Coughlin, Cowen, Cowper, Cox, Craft, Crampton, Crane, Cross, Croton, Crowhurst, Crowther, Crowton, Crumpler / Crumpter, Cullen, Cumming, Cunningham, Curd, Curran, Curtis, Cuthbertson, Cutmore, Cutter

D) Dadd, Dadson, Dale, Dancy, Darby, Dartnell, Dave, Davey, Davidson/e / Davieson / Davison, Davies, Davis, Dawes, Dawkes, Dawson, Day, De la Porte, De Mercado, De Pianto, De Silva, Deakin/s, Deal, Dean, Dear, Dell'Oca, Delora, Dellora, Dell'Oro, Dall'Ora, Dall'Orr, Dell'Orr, Dempsey, Dennis, Denslow, Dent, Devoti, Dewdney, Dickenson, Dike, Dishley, Dival / Divall, Dixon, Dobson, Dod, Dodd, Dodsworth, Donkley / Dunckly / Dunckley, Donoghue, Dorella, Doull, Douall / Dowal / Dowill, Doughty, Dowlen, Dowler, Dowling, Down / Downe, Downer, Downes, Downing, Downs, Dowsmith, Drinkwater, Drybrugh / Dryburgh, Dubnicky, Dudhill, Dudney, Dumbleton, Don, Donne, Dun, Dunn, Dunne, Dumbrell / Dumbrill, Dunk, Dunton, Durrant, Duwdney, Dyer

E) Eales, Eamey, Eason, East Eckett, Ede, Eden, Edge (Hedge), Edwards, Eirera / Ereira / Errera, Elkington, Elliott, Ellis, Elphick, Elsey, Emsley, Evans, Eyre, Eyton

F) Faccini, Facer, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Fairs, Falconer / Faulconer, Falkner, Farley, Farncombe, Farringdon, Farthing, Fathers, Fayette, Fearon, Fears, Feest, Feffers / Feiffers (Peffers), Fennel / Fennele / Fennell, Fern, Ferrario, Ffranks, Field, Fielder, Fielding, Fiest, Finch, Finlay, Finnigan, Fisher, Fitchew, Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh, Fleming, Flint, Floate, Florence, Ford, Forey, Forster / Forester / Forrester, Forrester-Martin, Foster, Fowkes, Fowler, Fox, Foyce, Frampton, Fraser, Frasher, Freeman, French, Frier, Frost, Fry, Fuller, Fuschillo

G) Gallantree, Galloni, Gallop, Gamage / Gammage, Gard, Gardella, Gardella, Gardelli, Gardello, Gardellor, Gardiner, Garner, Garrett, Gaston, Gayther, Gearing, Geer/e, Geerat, Ghislanzoni, Gianicoli, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilmore, Gilroy, Girisizoni (Terenzani), Gittins, Glazier, Goacher, Goble, Gocher, Goodard, Godly / Godley, Goldby, Goldsack, Goldsmith, Gomy, Goodger, Gooding, Goodman, Gorthom, Gosling, Gowen, Grabham, Graham, Graimes, Grange, Graves, Gravestock, Gray, Grayson, Greatores, Green, Greenfield, Gregory, Grenville, Grevatt, Grieve, Griffiths, Grimes, Grimwood, Groom, Groves / Grooves, Gumery / Gummery, Gurney

H) Haddon, Hadman, Haffenden, Haines, Hall, Hames, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampshire, Hancox, Handford, Hands, Hanley, Hannell, Hanson, Harding, Hards, Hargate, Harman, Harper, Harriden, Harris, Harrison, Harsden, Hart, Hartop, Hastie, Hastings, Hatcher, Hatton, Hawkins, Hay/s, Haycock, Hayes, Hazlehurst, Hearley, Heavens, Hebborn, Hedge, Hedgecock, Hemsley, Henden, Henderson, Hensman, Herbert, Herring, Heynes, Hilcox, Hill/s, Hilliard, Hilliary, Hillman, Hildyard / Hillyard, Hinds, Hinxman, Hoad, Hoadley, Hobbs, Hobden, Hodgskin, Hog, Hoggins, Hold, Holden, Holder, Holdsworth, Hole, Holford, Holkham, Holloway, Hallowell / Hollowell, Holmes, Holt, Honeybell, Honeybun, Hooper, Hopgood, Hopkins, Hoptroff, Horder, Horsham, Hosmar, Hosmer, Hosemer, Hosemere, Horton (Eyton), Howard, Howard-Streeter, Howell, Howes, Howie, Houlet / Howlet, Howse, Hoyze, Hubbard, Hudgel / Hudgell, Hudgett, Hudson, Hughes, Hughlings, Hubert, Hulhoven, Humble, Humphrey, Humphries, Hunt, Hunter, Hurd, Hutchins, Hyde, Hyler

I) Illman, Ingles, Inglis, Ingram, Inknown, Instone, Irwin, Ives

J) Jackson, Jacobi, Jacobs, James, Jarrold / Jerrold, Jay, Jeal, Jebb, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jener / Jenner, Jenkes, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jennings, Jervis, Jesson, Job / Jobb, Johnson, Johnstone, Joice, Jones, Judge, Judkins, Jupp

K) Kaby / Kaly / Kebey / Keeby (Cavey), Kearns, Keen, Kembury, Kemp, Kent, Kerr, Kevray, Keywood, Khattar, Kidgell, Kimmins, King, Kingsman, Kirk, Kirksby, Kitt, Klee (Clee), Knight, Knowles, Knowles-Meaker, Knox

L) Lack, Lake, Laker, Lamberti, Lambourn, Lander, Lane, Langford, Langton, Lapper, Lauder, Law, Lawley, Lawrence, Lawrie, Laws, Lawson, Leach, Lee, Lees, Leftly, Leigh, Leliot, Leliott, Lelliatt, Lelliot, Lelliotte, Lelloe, Lelleott, Lellyett, Lenton, Lewis, Lickfield, Lidel / Liddel / Liddell, Liliot, Lilliot, Lilliott, Lilliotte, Lillyot, Lylliott, Lillywhite, Lines, Linfield, Lingham, Lish, Little, Llelloe, Lloyd, Lock, Loder / Lodder, Lokes, Lokier, Long, Longhurst, Loomes, Lovell, Lowe, Lucas, Luckin, Ludlow, Lund, Lupton, Luton, Lymer, Lyons

M) MacCallum / McCallum, MacInnes / McInnes, Mac Kay / Mackay / McKay, Mac Sween / McSween, MacDonald / McDonald, MacGarry / McGarry, MacGregor / McGregor, MacKee / McKee, MacKlin, MacLean / McLean, MacLeod/McLeod, MacMahon / McMahon, MacPhee / McPhee, MacQuade / McQuade, MacQuilliam / McQuilliam / McQuillams / McMillion, MacWilliam / McWilliam, Magraw, Maguire, Main, Maine / Mayne, Makcarter, Maltby, Malloni, Man, Manderson, Mann, Manning, Mansbridge, Mansell, Manvell, Manwaring, March, Marcy, Marks, Marner, Marriot / Marriott, Marshall, Marsland, Marten, Martin, Marvell, Marvin, Maslet, Mason, Masters, Masterton, Matthew/s, Mastaglio, Maudsley, Maxwell, May, Maysey, Meaker, Mears, Meier, Melia, Mellon, Mepham, Meredith, Merreat, Messenger, Metz, Miah, Middleton, Miles, Millar / Miller, Mills, Milnes, Milton, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mobsby, Mockford, Mole, Monnery, Montague, Montgomery, Moon, Moor, Morgan, Morley, Morriffs, Morris, Morriss, Morrison, Moseley, Moses, Moss, Moulding, Moxon, Mugerage / Muggeridge / Muggridge, Muir, Mullard, Mummery, Munn, Munnery, Munroe, Murray, Murrell, Mussell, Muzzall, Muzzell, Muzzle

N) Napier, Nash, Neil, Netherson / Netherton, Newman, Newton, Nicol / Nichols / Nicholls, Nicholson, Nieser, Nodder, North, Northwood, Norton, Nottingham, Noxe (Knox), Nucolsone, Nye

O) O'Brien, O'Neill, O'Reilly, Oliver, Oreggia, Orpin, Osborne, Overton, Owen, Owens, Orsiver, Osmer, Ofsiver, Osimer, Osifer, Osivar, Ossiver, Ozziver, Ozzever, Ozzeves, Osborn/e, Osgood, Overton, Owen/s

P) Pacy, Page, Pain, Painter, Panter, Papher (Peffer), Park, Parker, Parkhouse, Parkman, Parrett / Parrot, Parris, Parsonage, Parsons, Passey, Patching, Paterson, Patrick, Patshall, Paul, Pawson, Paybody / Pebody, Payne, Peach, Peacock, Pearson, Peck, Peckham, Pedrazzini, Peel, Pefers, Peffers, Piefors, Peifors, Pyfors, Pephers, Pepper/s, Pegg, Pell, Pelling, Pendlebury, Penfold, Penikett, Penn, Penney, Perfold, Perkins, Perrit, Perry, Pescod, Pescott, Pett, Pettit, Peverelli, Philbrick, Phillips, Phillimore, Philpot/t, Pick, Pilbeam, Pimlatt, Pinfold, Piper, Pitman, Pitt, Pittom, Pitts, Plant, Plastow, Player, Plummer, Plumridge, Pointer, Pollard, Pollington, Pomeroy, Pomphrey, Pope, Porte, Potter, Poulton, Poundes, Powell, Power, Poxon, Preece / Preese, Preston, Price, Prince, Prior, Pugh, Purton, Purvey, Pusey, Puttenham, Puttick

Q) Queen/e, Quigley, Quillam / Quilliam, Quinn

R) Raby, Rae, Ragless, Ragsdale / Ragsdell, Rainbow, Ralf, Ranard, Randal / Randall, Rapley, Ray, Rea, Read, Realf, Rechan / Richman, Reece / Reese, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhodes, Richards, Richardson, Richie, Ritchie, Riches, Richmond, Riddles, Ridge, Ridley, Rivers, Robarson / Roberson, Roberts, Robins, Robinson, Rodes, Roe, Roger, Rogers, Rolfe, Rooney, Ross, Rowe, Ruggeri, Russell, Ryley

S) Salsbury, Sands, Sanders / Saunders, Sargent, Savins, Sawyer, Sayers, Scarborough, Schooley, Schroeder, Schwindt, Scott, Selby, Seller, Sergeant, Serle, Sharp/e, Shaw, Sheppard, Sherry, Sherwood, Shires, Shorey, Short, Shoulder, Shoulders, Sibon, Silk, Silver, Silverson / Silverstone, Sim, Simmonds, Simms, Sincler, Skelding, Slater / Slatter, Slaughter, Small, Smart, Smith, Snashall, Snippets, Somersell / Summersell, Somerton / Summerton, Spackman, Spark / Sparke / Sparkes, Sparrow, Spaul, Speed, Spencer, Spiers, Spong, Squire, Stacy, Standen, Standing, Stanford, Stangeman, Staplehurst, Starley, Steadman, Stedman, Stenning, Stevens, Stickler / Stickley, Stillaway, Stilve, Stimpson, Stoddard, Stofer, Stokes, Stoner, Stott, Streater, Streatfield, Street, Streeter, Stringer, Strong, Sturman, Supplies, Surname, Sutherland, Sutton, Swain, Swingler, Syme

T) Taccini (Faccini), Tafft, Tansey, Tanti, Tapp, Taylor, Terenzani, Terry, Tester, Thomas, Thomson / Thompson, Thorburn, Thorne, Thornhill, Thornton, Thorp/e, Tidy / Tidey, Tirrell, Todero (Codera), Tomalin / Tomlin, Tomes, Tomsett, Tooke, Tookey, Toose / Tooze, Torroni, Tortoreillo, Tosbell, Towers, Towler, Town, Towner, Towns, Townsend, Traveller, Travers, Travis, Treslar / Tressler, Troncarelli, Trott, Trow, Troy, Truman, Trusler, Tuffs, Tugwell, Tullett, Tunget, Tungate, Turner, Tutty, Tyrell

V) Vale, Valle, Vannees, Vass, Verrall, Viard, Vinall, Vincent, Vine, Virgo / Virgoe, Voice / Vois

W) Wadden, Wade, Waghorn, Walden, Walder, Walker, Wallace, Walls, Walshe, Walters, Ward, Wardell, Ware, Warrick, Warring, Warwick, Washer, Wass, Waters, Waterton, Watkins, Watling, Watley, Watson, Watts, Weaver, Webb, Welch, Wells, Weppam, West, Westall, Westbrook, Westover, Wetton, Whatley, Wheatland, White / Wight, Whitehouse, Whiting, Whitman, Whitney, Wilcox, Wildblood, Wilding, Wilds, Wilkey, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams, Willie, Wilson, Windless, Wingfield, Winstanley, Wintle, Witt, Wood, Woodgate, Woodhall, Wooding, Woolgar, Woolley, Woolvan / Woollven / Woolvin, Worledge, Wreford, Wright, Wyatt


Y) Yale, Yates, Yeates, Yuill, Yull

Z) Zukowski



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