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The latest news, site updates and interesting items about the surnames associated with our family will be posted here when available.

23/10/13 Bacciarelli Website & Family Tree The site has been cleaned, moved to a new faster server and pages have been updated to xhtml compliant so should load quickly and be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. The members area and family tree are currently unavailable due to script compatibility issues - they will be restored as soon as possible.

31/01/11 Peffers The Scottish link has now been established and I have information on James Peffers b 1831 Edinburgh, Scotland who married Mary Ann (Margaret?) Champion along with parents and his siblings. This is especially rewarding as he was not on the census returns with his wife and no one else has managed to find it!

18/04/10 Interesting Info According to various sources, including if your Grandfather or Great grandfather did not become British and did not serve with the British army, then you and your family are entitled to Italian nationality. Our Great Grandfather Giovanni Battista Bacciarelli remained an un-naturalised Italian right up to his death, although his sons did serve in the British Army. Not sure if that entitles our family to Italian Nationality ... but think it is worth further research!

14/11/09 Edward and Ann Dunn nee Morgan In roads are being made into the Dunn family of Cwm Crave Farm, Birtley, Lingen, Herefordshire and their offspring thanks to Ruth Beaton and Woolhope Club!

Puzzle Jug by Isaac Trott 03/11/09 Trotts at Donyatt Thanks to Hilary, Dianne and Peter we now have information on the Trott branch going back to Thomas Trott (b 1763 Donyatt) a potter who married Catherine Brown in 1787. They had 3 sons Thomas, Isaac and Joseph Trott. The latter sons were both potters producing slipware and puzzle jugs in Donyatt which are now very sought after by collectors!

07/07/09 Family Tree Updated! After a lot of tweaking and grumbling, the online family tree has finally been updated. Too much info to post here but the tree is now a massive 48MB which provides some indication as to how much work has been put into researching various branches! Thanks to all family members who have so kindly provided their time, photos and information!

05/05/08 Change to Links Directory The links directory script has been replaced with plain ol' static html pages to prevent spammers & seo people from adding unwanted links. Webmasters with relevent sites are welcome to request a review for possible inclusion via the Contact Form.

23/11/07 Server Move The site moved to a new server today so there may have been some loss of access. Meanwhile, all the dead links should now have been fixed!

10/11/07 Historical Markers Updated this page with a new set of free This Day in History, Todays Birthdays and Quote of the Day as the previous providers site is no longer available.

09/04/07 Links Section Upgraded the links section with a new script and added a few more links to useful resources.

22/02/07 British Army World War One records are now online at British Army WW1 Records at

16/02/07 Photo Gallery The photo gallery has been temporarily removed...

08/02/07 DEVOTI and GIANICOLI! Two cousins both descendents of Guerino Bacciarelli (known as Roberto/Robert/Bobby), have been in touch and now we have two more surnames to add to the list!!

30/08/06 MORE BACCIARELLI'S! Thanks to Romford FHS I have discovered several new direct family members on the Gera Lario parish films which will be available online soon! Even more exciting is the discovery of the Italian spelling of Delora appears to be Dell'Orr, Dell'Oro or Dell'Ora and I finally have a lead or two to follow!

02/05/06 NEW SERVER! The site has been transferred to a new server. Some images or pages may appear broken whilst the site migrates but everything should be back to normal by the weekend.

Bacciarelli Records 13/11/05 NEW SECTION ADDED: Bacciarelli Records Contains miscellaneous transcribed records for various individuals with the Bacciarelli surname found in original records available online. Many have not as yet been connected to a particular family on our database. Please let me know if you recognise anyone!!

31/08/05 Updated Northamptonshire Parish Data pages.

25/08/05 Upgraded Family Tree to latest version and added more photographs to the photostore.

22/08/05 Added Northamptonshire Parish Data.

13/08/05 Members only Family Tree updated with latest additions including more of the Rogers and Downes family branches.

Photo Gallery 11/07/05 Added new Photo Gallery! Wide variety of previously unseen unique ancestral, historical and military photographs plus a range of stock photography for your projects.

04/06/05 Updated links section with various catagories and links plus installed new banner adserver.

Guiseppe Bacciarelli and Giovanni Baptiste Bacciarelli confirmed connection! Discovered on the 1891 England Census return residing together in London. Image states Guiseppe (confectioner) and brother Giovanni (waiter) both originate from Gero, Como, Italy.

Bathurst, Dunn & Knight family members have been added.







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