Bacciarelli Origins & Meaning


According to information from searches on the internet, the Bacciarelli name and its variants are a derivation of the Bacci surname and was either discovered in Modena, anciently Mutina, a city in Emilia capital of the province of Modena or Tuscany. Some sources state that Arezzo was the first city where members of the Bacci family were referenced in the 11th century and were respected as nobility there and in Pesaro and San Marino.

In the great migration during the mid 19th century, many settlers travelled from Italy to settle in various parts of the world including France, England, Germany, Poland and the Americas.

European ancestors may be difficult to trace as record keeping was limited. Many documents have been lost or destroyed, however, it is worth searching ship passenger lists, newspapers plus BMD resources using spelling variations for names that may have been incorrectly transcribed or written.

Although the surname spelling is relatively unusual, there are still Bacciarelli's living in Italy as can be seen on theMap of Bacciarelli's in Italy (shown below).

Map of Bacciarelli in Italy

Spelling variations include:
Baccorelli, Bacarella, Baccorella, Bacca, Bacchi, Bacci, Baci, Bacetti, Bacciarelli, Baccini, Baccanale, Baccari, Baccarin, Baccarini, Baccaro, Baccelliere, Baccelliere, Baccino, Baccioli, Bacciotti, Bacciani, Baccianelli, Bacchini, Bacciocchi and many more.

Meaning of Bacciarelli:
The surname contains a clue, although, this is merely my own opinion! The similarity to Baccus the god of drink and merryment is evident, and unsuprisingly, several members of our family were farmers, fishermen, confectioners, cafeteria and restaurant proprietors, or worked in hotel and catering industries. Anyone who knows the true meaning or translation of Bacciarelli please contact me with details.

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